Weight Loss Coach Course

Home based Weight Loss Coach course contents syllabus

Weight Loss Coach Course Syllabus

  1. Let's talk about the problem of weight
  2. In this module we explore the scale of obesity, and its causes and consequences. We also look at myths surrounding weight loss.

    The Obesity Epidemic
    Why Weight Control?
    Diet Misconceptions
    Risks and Disadvantages of being Obese
    What’s next?
    Included: Videos on the scale and causes of obesity.

  3. Why do people overeat?
  4. To help clients lose weight you have to understand what's going on in their mind. Is it a lack of knowledge or some deeper problem?

    Food Cravings
    Food Addiction
    Binge Eating
    Bulimia Nervosa
    Anorexia Nervosa
    Included: useful forms for your client.

  5. Food types
  6. We review the different food groups, and explain what they do.

    Minerals and vitamins
    Included: Videos of the role of different food types.

  7. The Digestive System - The ins and outs
  8. Here we examine how the digestive system works. It's important to understand how your body processes food.

    The anatomy of the digestive system
    The function of the oral cavity
    The function of the stomach
    The function of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas
    The function of the small intestine
    The function of the colon
    Included: videos that explain hw the digestive system works

  9. Compiling an eating programme
  10. This module covers various strategies for reducing weight through changing the food your clients eat.

    The need for a lifestyle change
    How to substitute foods
    How to reduce carbohydrate intake
    Reducing fat intake
    Reduce sugar intake
    Reducing alcohol
    How to increase fibre in the diet
    Included: Sample programmes for your client
    Included: Outlines for 12-session weight loss class and handouts

  11. Diets - the good and the bad
  12. Do any diets work? What should you say to your clients about dieting?

    Why so many diets fail
    Fasting or the 5:2 diet
    The Palaeo diet
    Food combining or the Hay diet
    The Mediterranean diet
    The Volumetrics Diet

  13. Supplements - do you need them?
  14. Do supplements have a role to play in weight loss? Can clients get all their nutrients from natural foods?. We make some recommendations.

    Appetite Suppressants
    Prescription Suppressants
    Carb Blockers
    Fat Blockers
    Miracle Supplements
    Included: Supplement videos

  15. Exercise and weight loss
  16. Exercise is good for your health. But will it help your clients lose weight? We examine the topic of exercise in this module, and clarify what you should say to your clients.

    The benefits of exercise.
    Exercise burns fat and speeds metabolism.
    Aerobic exercise: increasing the heart rate.
    Getting active.
    Ways to take exercise
    Swimming for weight loss.
    Pool exercises.
    Exercise in the gym
    Included: weight loss videos

  17. Cooking methods for weight loss
  18. Identifying what clients eat and how they cook is central to helping them lose weight. We provide a plan to help your clients.

    Cooking and preparation of food
    Meat and poultry
    Rice and pasta
    Vegetables and pulses
    Included: simple starter recipes for weight loss

  19. Surgical weight-loss options
  20. Surgery is a dramatic and invasive solution. But sometimes it's the right solution. We examine your clients' options.

    The digestive organs in weight-loss surgery
    Bariatric surgery
    Restrictive surgery
    Gastric band
    Gastric sleeve
    Malabsorbative surgery
    Gastric bypass
    Duodenal switch and biliopancreatic diversion
    Client selection
    Post-surgery recommendations
    Included: videos that explain weight loss surgery

  21. The weight reduction plan
  22. We show you how to create a plan that will reduce your client's weight, permanently.

    Get to know your client - assessing the scale of the clients overweight
    Contra-indications and risks such as illness and obesity
    Setting weight loss goals
    Creating a food diary
    Crafting a progress report
    Monitoring the client's progress
    Included: Useful forms

  23. Counselling clients how to lose weight
  24. Bad eating is often due to habit, anxiety or beliefs. Here we show you how to change the client's mindset.

    Changing the client’s lifestyle and mindset
    Counselling techniques for weight reduction
    Getting the client to take responsibility
    Creative visualisation
    Virtual gastric band
    Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs
    ERG Theory
    Included: Two virtual gastric band videos.

  25. How to market your services
  26. Many would-be practitioners don’t market their services adequately. We provide a comprehensive plan on how to do it.

    Sources of work
    Local promotion.
    The internet. Your website.
    Print advertising
    Writing an ad
    A leaflet
    Getting referrals from an organisation
    Client referrals
    How to find companies and professional organisations
    Local companies
    Response rates
    Included: Videos on how to market yourself

  27. How to convert enquiries to paying clients
  28. There's an art to getting someone to become a paying client. We reveal powerful secrets to achieving this.

    Responding to a prospect’s enquiry
    The initial session
    Ending the initial session
    The client who wants to start straightaway
    Helping the client reach a conclusion
    Gaining trust
    Establishing rapport
    Included: useful forms for the new client

  29. Finance and Legal issues
  30. In this module we show you how much to charge, and how to manage your money as a self employed practitioner.

    How much should you charge?
    Terminating the sessions
    Keeping clients and the bank manager happy
    Client files
    Sole trader, limited business or partnership?
    Your business name
    How to keep financial records in four easy steps
    Indemnity insurance
    Included: videos on managing money as a startup

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