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Ready to take on a challenge? Enrol on a course.

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Become a certified weight loss coach and help others get slim.

  • Have you succeeded in losing weight?
  • Do you know how to avoid unhealthy, fattening foods??
  • Would you enjoy showing other people how to lose weight?

If so, maybe you should become a weight loss coach?

But to succeed as a coach you have to know the practicalities:

- How will you generate enquiries from potential clients?
- How can you persuade people to actually pay you?
- What will you charge clients?
- Should you run group or one-to-one sessions, or both?
- What format should the sessions take?

You'll find the answers to questions like this in the Diploma in Weight Loss Coaching. Register on the course and you'll discover how to run your own slimming business.

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The course gives you a step-by-step guide to becoming a weight loss coach. You'll find out how to take a history from a client, how to prepare a weight loss plan, and how to run sessions.

The course simplifies often complex and conflicting health advice. It gives you easy-to-understand information that you can pass on to your clients.

There are ready-made class handouts you can put your own name on.

You'll find out how to set realistic goals for everyday people. You'll learn how to motivate them. And how to help your clients to have realistic expectations about their progress.

Moreover, you'll gain the scientific evidence needed to back up your methods.

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The course has 15 modules that explain:

  • How to make an initial assessment of a client
  • How you can set realistic goals for your client
  • The best way to create a food diary
  • Eating programmes that work
  • How to monitor your clients' progress

There's so much misinformation out there about fitness and weight loss. There are fad diets that don’t work and extreme methods that have no proven benefits.

That's why people will always want someone with the right knowledge and skills to guide them through the weight loss process achieve their ultimate goals.

The course teaches you about weight loss myths like 'Eating fat makes you fat', and "A hardcore exercise program is the only way to lose weight'.

Instead it teaches you weight loss facts that will be beneficial to your clients.

You'll also be given coaching secrets that will help you be a confident coach and achieve your dreams. Secrets like 'How to lose more than 15 pounds in 30 days' and 'How to never feel hungry'.

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These are the tools you can take to build the skillset you need to offer quality guidance to people that need your help.

Trying to complete a weight loss journey alone with no help or guidance is the reason most people fail. You can be the exception.

"It felt great to know I now had proper knowledge and tools to help other people who were suffering the same way I was. What felt even better was the day I told my boss I was leaving to start my own business!"

This was everything I needed to set up my own coaching business. In the past 3 months alone, I have successfully helped more than 20 clients. I have worked at my own pace, set my own working hours and earned money that before I would only dream of. "

- Sarah Hodstall, Coventry

Get step-by-step help at your own pace - anytime, anywhere.

You could become an esteemed weight loss coach and you can do it from anywhere in the world. And as the course is online you can do it anywhere!

You can complete the course at your own pace around your existing commitments which means no taking time out of work to complete a course or finding childcare while you are unavailable.

You can do everything online from home and have one-to-one support throughout the entire course.

Your course advisor will help you the whole time to stop you from getting stuck on the work. They will be already working as a successful counsellor. So you'll get the information and advice from someone who understands the real world.

Since the Blackford Centre Certified Weight Loss Coach qualification started, it's helped many people lead happier, healthier lives as coaches.

What you'll get

  • 15 course modules.
  • 32 self-assessment exercises so you can monitor your own progress.
  • 29 videos that explain each topic of the course in a way you'll understand.
  • Access to a tutor who will answer all your questions.
  • Telephone support from your course advisor every step of the way
  • A pack of editable forms for you to give to your clients
  • Hypnotherapy weight loss scripts
  • A printed Diploma when you complete the course

"I am so glad that I can share my experience and knowledge with clients."

- Eleanor Gillenhall, Sunbury

Become Your Own Boss

The Blackford Centre teaches you not only about weight loss methods, but also give you the tools to run a successful business. The certification teaches you everything you need to know in order to become your own boss including:

  • How to promote your service
  • How to come up with a business name
  • How to do your own book keeping
  • What insurance you need.

A new career for you?

Whether you're stuck in a job that was never meant to be forever or you're just tired of having someone else make all the decisions, the Blackford Centre can help you to start a new dream career.

You'll have all the knowledge to start your own business as a weight loss coach. You'll discover how to build a set of clients by offering your services to those who need your help.

It'll give you the confidence to go out and start your own business.

Most of the time, when people start their own business they have the skills for the job, but not the knowledge or confidence on how to successfully manage a business. The Blackford Centre ensures you'll complete the course with everything you need to go out and be your own boss.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions, call us on 065 317 8848 (or +27 65 317 8848 if you're outside South Africa) and we'll answer any queries you might have.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

With best wishes

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Kit Sadgrove
Course Director

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Read Erica's story

I'm Erica Blanchflower, and I'm a Blackford Centre Certified Weight Loss Coach.

I currently have six clients who I see weekly on their own. And I have a class of four to five people who meet in my house every two weeks. I have given talks to local groups about healthy eating and even spoken on our community radio station.

For many years I was overweight and a bit unhappy. After going through a major life change and losing a great deal of weight, I got an interest in health and wanted a career change. At that point I completed the Blackford Centre Certified Weight Loss Coaching qualification and now I help others overcome their issues so that they don’t need to struggle alone.

Now I want to share my story with you which I hope will inspire you to become a successful weight loss coach too and maybe just change your life for the better.

In the UK 60% of adults are overweight or obese and for the majority of my life, I was one of them.

More often than not weight gain seems inevitable, something that just sneaks up on you. For most of my life I never really gave my weight a second thought.

As a child I was like most other little girls. Weekends consisted of ballet classes and simply just running around the local park with my family. Fitness wasn’t something that needed to be worked at, it was just being active and having fun. So like most kids, the after school activities and generally losing to run everywhere meant my weight was never something that was apparent.

After leaving school filled with hopes and dreams of travelling the world and becoming incredibly successful, I took on a part time job to see me through college. But the days of extra curricular activities that kept me slim without having to work at it ceased and I didn’t realise that I was supposed to work to maintain my figure.

The part time job became my full time job and the daily routine lead to bad habits. Finishing work late at night lead to some kind of delivery of junk food becoming a nightly occurrence. Along with the drive through hurried daily breakfasts before a 15 hour shift and anything quick and accessible for lunch it is safe to say my diet wasn’t one desired by supermodels!

Needless to say as my job slowly erased my memory of any dreams I may have once had, my weight started growing. But truthfully, I didn’t even realise.

I know this must be the case for so many people as today’s society is so full of unhealthy foods made cheap to entice people that it is becoming a serious health issue for millions of people.

It wasn’t until a very abrupt customer at my job made a comment about me being pregnant (which of course I wasn’t) finally made me wake up to what my life had become.

After taking a long hard look in the mirror and checking my BMI, it was apparent I had let my former self slip away into a box of doughnuts somewhere and been replaced by this person I hardly recognised.

I was officially obese. I was unhappy. It was clear some things needed to change.

From that moment, I made a commitment to myself to make positive changes in my life. I started a long and hard weight loss journey, which gave me some days feeling great and some days feeling like I would never achieve my goals.

I did everything on my own. I had no clue where to start. The idea of stepping on the scales weekly in front of a lot of ‘fat friends’ filled me with dread. Plus the sheer thought of squeezing into some lycra and stumbling about on a treadmill surrounded by thin, fabulous model lookalikes terrified me. So I decided to go it alone.

It was a long and difficult journey, but with determination and some serious willpower, I managed to lose 35 kilos and started to feel like someone I recognised again. I really transformed my life and started to feel great.

My weight loss journey had given me a newfound interest in health and fitness. I started to take notice of what I ate and healthy eating practices. With my recent experience of losing weight I thought to myself ‘Wouldn’t it have been great if someone who understood my struggle had helped me to lose weight?’ and there it was, the idea to become a weight loss coach. That is when I discovered the Blackford Centre.

Through distance learning I completed the Blackford Centre’s online course to become a certified weight loss coach. I was free to take my time and complete the course as and when I could.

The course taught me what I needed to know. It backed up the methods I'd experienced in my own weight loss journey with science. I gained knowledge in everything from why people put on weight to how to prepare better food that people without much interest in cooking could do. And how to build a healthy eating programme that works.

So if you've been thinking along the same lines, it could maybe help you. You could benefit from the Blackford Weight Loss Coach Certification like I did and help yourself build a new career and guide others to make a positive life change.

- Erica