Wedding Planning Course

The 21 Wedding Planning Modules

1. An introduction to wedding planning

The role of the wedding planner
Personality matching
Career benefits
How to get started and use this course
Assess your strengths and weaknesses

2. Organising yourself

The importance of good organisation
The planning process
Create a reference folder
Create a wedding folder for each client
Tips for better organisation

Your Dream Job: Be a Wedding Planner

3. The ceremony and location

Religious versus civil ceremony
Choosing a physical location
Weddings abroad
Once your clients have chosen a venue

4. The day of the event – part 1

The day before
The wedding day

5. The day of the event – part 2

Final timings and contingency plans
What if they decide to cancel the wedding?
Follow up questionnaire/discussion with client
Follow up – making notes of positives and negatives
Follow up – recommendations for improvements
Invoicing the client

6. People and their roles

Bride and groom
Maid of honour and best man
Other attendants
Priest and officiant
Wedding staff
The photographer

7. Catering

An introduction to wedding catering
Planning the catering
Caterer tips
The wedding cake
Silver service

8. Flowers and decorations

Discovering flowers
Choosing a florist
Pulling it all together
What to decorate
Wedding decorating plans
Hiring a wedding decorator
Balloon decorations

9. Invitations and gift lists

Guest list

10. Entertainment

Questions to ask the bride and groom
Standard wedding entertainment
Alternative wedding entertainment
Selecting an entertainer

11. Transport

Calculating transport needs
Style of transport
Trial run or inspection
Planning the schedule

12. Organising extras

Engagement parties
Stag and hen parties
Stag and hen party locations
Stag party ideas
Hen party ideas
Choosing the wedding rings
Customising the rings
The ring exchange ceremony

13. Equipment hire

Types of equipment
Ideas for equipment
Advice on hiring equipment

14. Wedding customs around the world

Types of UK ceremony
Asian/Middle Eastern cultures
Eastern European cultures
African cultures
Latin and South American cultures
Westernised cultures

15. Health, safety and environmental issues

Do your homework
Risk assessment
Evacuation plan
Disability accommodation
First aid
Staff preparation and provisions
Safety officer
Alcohol at weddings
Environmental issues

16. Your first meeting with a client

At the meeting
Planning the ceremony
Budget planning
Proposal to client

17. Budgeting for your client’s big day

Need for making a budget
Figuring costs
Networking for value
Working to deadlines

18. Setting up your business

Your office at home
Office location
What your home office needs
The tools you’ll need
Your company name
Getting prepared

19. Marketing your business

How to look for work
Your business phone number
Leaflets and brochures
Print ads
Creating your website

20. Finance

Setting up your business on a small budget
Types of business
How to write a business plan
Pricing your services
Business operations and accounting

21. Contracts

Wedding contract basics
Contract components
Important legal terms