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Earn a living as a Wedding Planner

Do you want to be a professional wedding planner?

Do your friends ask for your help organising their weddings?

Do you find yourself taking the lead when it comes to organising a hen night?

Is your wedding still being talked about by your family and friends?

If you answered a resounding 'Yes!' to these questions, you should think seriously about changing career.

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Diploma in Professional Wedding Planning Distance Learning CourseBrides and grooms want a day to remember

Weddings are no longer the simple affairs they were in the past. They have become lavish events geared to celebrate the couple's union.

Brides enjoy nothing more than the chance to plan and enjoy their fairytale wedding and spend the day being Cinderella.

Grooms who traditionally took a back seat when it came to wedding planning have now started seeing it as an opportunity to be the gracious host.

Is it any wonder then that weddings have taken on a larger than life dimension and require considerable time, effort and money to organise?

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Study online

When you study with us you'll access all of the materials online.

Once, you've enrolled we'll provide you with login details and the name of your tutor. And as soon as you have these details you can log straight into the system and get started on the course.

How to become a successful wedding planner

Several factors contribute to your success as a wedding planner.

1. Creativity is the basis of a good wedding planner. You must be able to come up with solutions for different scenarios. Budget weddings, theme weddings, managing last-minute hiccups, dealing with wedding day disasters and more recently organising same-gender marriages - all require creative trouble shooting.

2. You also need to be organised and have an eye for details. For example, managing a gala event requires the ability to juggle many contractors and get things organised quickly and efficiently.

3. The ability to network well and build relationships with wedding service providers also helps.

But the single most important factor in determining your success as a wedding planner is confidence.

It's the confidence that you have in your abilities as a wedding planner will determine how successful you become. And the only way to gain confidence in yourself is through knowledge.

Signing up for an accredited course like the one provided by The Blackford Centre for Professional Wedding Planners gives you the knowledge you need to go about planning a wedding in a systematic manner.

It will train you to approach nervous and excited young brides with confidence. Knowing that you have learned the art of wedding planning puts you at ease and makes you more able to handle any situation that may develop or arise.

Of course you could choose to learn by trial and error, but you risk losing your reputation as a wedding planner through bad publicity. So instead of jeopardising your career, why not assure its triumph by getting accredited as a professional wedding coordinator!

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It's a glamorous job

Remember Jennifer Lopez in 'The Wedding Planner'? How would you like to be the glamorous Wedding Planner who gets to have all the fun of organising a wedding and being paid to do it all? Picture this:

A young couple, madly in love, signs you up as their Wedding Planner. You get to dress up and visit all the fancy hotels and wedding venues, and taste the gourmet food provided by wedding caterers. Plus you'll get to check in to the latest boutiques shopping for the bride's wedding trousseau and even have a blast at the bridal shower and hen parties!

Picture yourself being able to put down large sums of money and sign contracts with various wedding vendors, being 'in' with the best fashion boutiques in town and always knowing exactly what's hot and what's not!

All your years of following the latest wedding and fashion trends are finally going to be appreciated. Every scrapbook that you made as a young child is finally going to get its due.

And at the end of the day, when you finally put your feet up, it will be with the satisfaction of knowing that you have made two people and their families very happy.

Wedding Planners get to see scenes like this all the time
You'll make sure that your clients' special day runs smoothly

Benefits of working for yourself

Being a wedding planner is hard work. It requires negotiation skills, combined with creativity! And the payoffs are huge.

  • You get to be your own boss. No more saying "Yes sir!" when all you are thinking is "What a daft idea that is!" No more having to look over your shoulder every time you need a five minute break. And no one to tell you how things should be done. You get to be your own boss and do things your way.

  • You'll be a flexi time worker. You no longer need to report at 9 o'clock sharp even if there is a blizzard raging outside. And, you are no longer looking at a monotonous 9-5 routine. You can decide your own working hours and choose how busy you want to be.

  • You can work around other commitments in your life. You get to attend your child's school play and spend the day with your sick mother. You even get to surprise your spouse with a picnic lunch!

  • And at the end of the day, you get paid for all your great ideas. No sneaky boss takes the credit for your work. The harder you work the more you earn. Period!

Being a wedding planner is a great career that has practically no set-up costs. All you need is a telephone, lots of contact numbers and a roomful of enthusiasm. As for the methods and systems used by wedding planners, just sign up and we'll teach you!

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How not to become a wedding planner

As you already know, wedding planning is a big money industry. Now would you expect anyone to simply say, "Hey, I know I'd be a good dentist, so I'm now going to open my practice. Why don't you come let me have a go at your teeth?" Would you consider visiting this self-proclaimed dentist? No!

So why would you expect that someone about to spend lots of money on planning a wedding would ever hire a wedding planner with no training? No, they wouldn't.

They will look for someone who has the knowledge, skills, abilities and training. Which is why you need to be formally trained in this field.

And it's unlikely that you'll become a wedding planner by assisting another planner.

For one thing, most wedding planners work alone. They only take on as much work as they can handle, and have little or no need for assistants.

Also, why would anyone train potential competitors? The good news is that this keeps a lot of people out of the industry, and gives you a better chance to succeed.

The only way to become a wedding planner is to set up your own business from scratch. And that's where we come in.

The best way to become a wedding planner is by doing the Diploma course from the Blackford Centre for Professional Wedding Planners.

Still need convincing?

The Wedding Planning course is a distance learning program and does not require you to spend time, effort and money on travelling to a far-off campus.

In addition, since all students have their own pace of learning and can commit different amounts of time, the course is designed in a manner that allows each student to proceed at their own pace.

Additionally, the cost of the course is much lower than traditional on-campus courses because many of our faculty work from home. Also, we save the costs of maintaining on-campus facilities, and can put that money to better use by providing a higher quality syllabus.

You pay just a one-time fee, which is all-inclusive. No hidden fees and no nasty surprises later!

Who signs up for the course?

  • People who already have some experience in planning a wedding, possibly their own.
  • People who are methodical, and have an eye for detail.
  • People who want to run their own business, in a glamorous, exciting field.

When you complete the course

Once you complete the course, you'll receive your Diploma. It's the formal recognition you'll have earned of your skills and knowledge.

You can get a free logo to put on your website and your note paper. This logo gives potential clients added confidence in your skills.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

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