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Lee-Ann Gomes

“Hereby pictures of the very first wedding I planned since I started with my course.

The couple is 65 and 64 of age.

The couple was looking for something modern, but not to urban, for they were from a countryside

And do not like stuff to be too fancy.

They were modest, living in small town.

So I decided to the Teal and Red theme, for the colour scheme is modern here at this moment.

I used material flowers, according to the budget. I sprayed the Eucalyptus leaves blue to get that Teal colour.

The budget was not that big, so we decorate another hall into a church area with white draping

It was also a non-alcoholic wedding, so we did not have a cash bar, but allow people to bring their own drinks, if they wanted to.

I did not use many small decorations, because the couple was not into detail, they just wanted a good looking wedding with a casual atmosphere.

I cater for 55 guests.”

- Lee-Ann Gomes - Amber Events

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