Teaching Assistant Course

Buy Someone You Love a Course for Christmas

A course could give your spouse, child or best friend a new career - and they'll have fun while they study.

A course being sent out for Christmas

So if they've shown an interest in the subject, why not give them the course for Christmas.

You'll want the present to be a surprise. So we can deliver it to you, perhaps at a work address, or to the home of a friend. Then you can give the present on Christmas day.

It's best to contact us by phone or email so we can sort out the details. Tell us who the present is for, and to whom we should send the parcel (for example, yourself or your work address).

To contact us by email, click here. Or call us on 0800 781 1715.

Note: For your course to reach you before Christmas day, you'll have to order it by Monday 15th December (if you're in the UK, elsewhere you'll need to order sooner).