Animal Care Course

Welcome to our Tutors

Our tutors are a talented and friendly bunch of people who enjoy helping our learners develop their skills.

Wendy Mason

Wendy has worked as a Veterinary Nurse for more than 15 years. Veterinary Nurses work alongside Veterinary Surgeons in order to provide a high standard of care for animals. Wendy has worked within veterinary surgeries and veterinary referral hospitals and was involved in a wide range of care and treatment. Wendy provided skilled supportive care for sick animals as well as undertaking minor surgery, monitoring during anaesthesia, medical treatments and diagnostic tests under veterinary supervision.

Part of Wendy’s job is also to educate owners on good standards of animal care. As with any worthwhile job, the training took time, hard work and commitment, but Wendy has been rewarded with a career offering variety, interest and daily contact with animals and their owners.

Wendy lives in Norfolk, with her 5 cats and one dog and also runs her own business which involves travelling around locally looking after cats, dogs and other pets. Wendy also help people with advice on their pets and offers a pet taxi too.

Please note: we’re unable to allocate you a specific tutor, because it depends on the availability of tutors on the date you register on the course.