Nutritionist Course

Welcome to our Tutors

Our tutors are a talented and friendly bunch of people who enjoy helping our learners develop their skills.

Larissa West

Larissa got her degree in dietetics in 2006, after which she joined the military for one year. Larissa mainly worked in the ICU unit as well as with the Diabetic Clinic. In 2007 Larissa and a colleague opened our own practice and have been building and expanding our business ever since. Together they treat clients wanting to lose weight or just generally wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle. Larissa specialises in therapeutic diets and conditions like heart disease, diabetes, paediatrics and gastroenterology.

Larissa’s personal passion is sports nutrition as Larissa does road running, as well as trail running events in her spare time.

Andrea Jenkins

Andrea is a Nutritional Therapist living and working in Cape Town.

Andrea specialises in treating restricted diets, digestive disorders, weight management and adrenal/thyroid problems. As well as giving private consultations, Andrea also deliver presentations and workshops about nutrition in schools, colleges and companies. Andrea is an experienced presenter and has spent much time teaching her work to others. Andrea really enjoys writing and regularly writes articles for magazines and online media articles.

Andrea, who believes that good nutrition is your starting point from which everything is established – is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

If Andrea isn’t working, then you’ll probably find her hiking in the beautiful mountains, swimming in the sea and practising hot yoga.

Please note: we’re unable to allocate you a specific tutor, because it depends on the availability of tutors on the date you register on the course.