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Karen Ross

Since I completed the course I have continued my studies and I am still continuing to expand my learning. I also have my own website and business based in my local Kickboxing, Health and Fitness club. My business is Ross Holistic Nutrition.

At the moment I am currently helping run a Health Camp for Wellness and Fitness, instead of a Bootcamp, with weight loss as a bonus :)

I have also got involved with a local Food Bank and volunteer for a scheme called Keeping Moray Healthy where we can encourage healthy eating on a budget.

I am fortunate enough to enlist the help of a good friend who is a trained chef and very much into health and wellness herself.

Also I have used the coconut oil for oil pulling and it tastes lovely. I use it in place of olive oil, particularly in stir fries.

It has all been a great, a new lease of life for me and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to find this new career path.

Karen Ross

Great Lakes Gelatin
Coconut oil

Great Lakes Gelatin
Homemade Wheatgrass Muffins

Great Lakes Gelatin
Beetroot juice drinks

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