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Joanne Holmwood

“Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well :) My business is ticking along nicely. I have a new look to my healthy bars now which have a multitude of great ingredients. I have attached a pic of one flavor we have 7 flavors altogether. They are very popular here in South Africa, there is a bar for every activity.

Super Bar

We have the Hemp Protein Bar, Maca & Baobab Bar, Mint Bar, Mayan Bar (which is a plain chocolate and nut bar), Super Bar (with 7 superfoods), Banter Bar for people on a low carb diet and the Goji Berry Bar.

The bars are lower in sugar than most health bars and contain a lot of fiber too which helps to balance the sugars that are in there. We also only use fruit in the form of dates to sweeten. It was interesting actually because you think that a 'health bar ' would be healthy but quite a lot of brands that claim to be healthy have nearly as much sugar as a normal bar. We compared a popular health bar from the UK to our bar and were shocked to find it contained 50% sugar compared to our bar that contains 20% sugar.

We are also very excited as we have a new product that we are launching soon, so fingers crossed that it is as popular as the bars.

I will keep you posted.

Keep Well and All The Best,


You can find o'natural on Facebook and Twitter @o'naturalSA . Their website is currently being built but they have a cover page up for now , which is:

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