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Become a Certified Health Coach and help others lead a healthier life.

  • Are you passionate about health and fitness?
  • Do you want to share your knowledge and experience?
  • Do you want to help others lead a healthier lifestyle?

Then the Blackford Institute Health Coach Diploma is the answer. You can study at your own pace to gain your certificate, and begin the journey to your own Health Coach practice.

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Who Needs a Health Coach?

One of the most exciting aspects of being a health coach is that no two days are the same.

People seeking the services of a health coach come from all walks of life, and you’ll find that they have very different needs and reasons for requesting support and assistance in making a change to their lifestyle.

Some may suffer with existing medical conditions which make exercising difficult, or which prohibit certain foods that are traditionally viewed as being healthy.

Others may need guidance on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in older age, while some may have lost their way and require help getting back on track.

For a lot of people, working with a health coach is ultimately about breaking bad habits, and learning new, healthier habits. A health coach is a very varied and exciting career path.

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Why Train as a Health Coach?

Preventable disease is on the rise, and with government cutbacks, it’s up to us to do something about it. "Preventable ill health costs the NHS and costs the economy, but more importantly means avoidable suffering", says Chris Askew of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Preventable disease such as obesity, and smoking-related conditions, are unnecessary, and a health coach has the power to encourage change.

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The Benefits of Health Coaching

For many people, leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and keeping fit is much easier said than done. According to experts, between 50% and 80% of diets fail, and sticking to exercise plans is low, with around half of all people give up on a fitness regime within just 6 months.

It can be difficult to achieve goals without the support, motivation, and inspiration of someone who understands the challenges.

If you’ve been successful in changing your life for the better, why not share your experience and expertise with others, helping other people to improve their health and lead happier, healthier lives?

The Health Coach Diploma provides you with a unique opportunity to do just that; to help. Our course enables you to study for your diploma from home, in your own time, giving you the best start in your new career in a rapidly growing industry that’s both exciting and demanding.

Being out there in the field, you’ll have the chance to see real life results, and understand how you really can make a difference.

As a professional self employed Health Coach, you have the flexibility to work when you want, as much as you want, and wherever you want, and best of all, you can spend your life doing something you truly love.

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The Role of a Health Coach

The role of a health coach isn’t to simply tell somebody what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Instead, it’s about helping people to understand the reasons why their health may be suffering, and teaching them the best methods for improvement.

By educating, rather than lecturing, a health coach is able to give a person the information they need to make changes to their own lifestyle. We’re not here to make the changes for them; we’re here to support them in making these changes themselves.

Ultimately, the role of a Health Coach is to empower the client, putting them in complete control of their own health.

At the Blackford Institute, we’re working to redefine the role of a health coach, bringing in a more flexible aspect to a role that has traditionally been quite limited. Thanks to new technologies, we’re understanding more about the human body than ever before, and we’re realising that biology isn’t quite as black and white as it seems.

Individualism is important here, and what works for one person may not work for another.

That’s why we believe that the role of a health coach is to work on a one-on-one basis, listening to a client’s needs, understanding their requirements, and determining the best ways to help.

We also believe that the role of a health coach should be about more than simply creating a ‘quick fix’. Fad diets that are unsustainable in the long term don’t work. Intense workouts that we don’t enjoy don’t work.

Instead, we understand the role of a health coach to be one that assists the client in changing dangerous, underlying habits, steadily introducing new habits that can have significant long term effects.

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What Makes a Good Health Coach?

There’s no need to have a biology degree or any previous experience to become a health coach; our Health Coach Diploma provides you with everything you need to obtain your diploma and set up your own practice.

However, there are a few traits that are particularly suited to this line of work. As a health coach, you should be passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, and have basic knowledge of what constitutes a beneficial exercise regime and good dietary nutrition.

However, the most important trait is your desire to help. After all, the role of a health coach is to assist others in achieving their goals.

How Much Money can a Health Coach Make?

The recruitment website cites the average health coach salary in the UK as R 342,054.

However, our Health Coach Diploma provides you with an opportunity to work as much - or as little - as you wish, enabling you to meet your own salary expectations.

As part of the Health Coach curriculum, we’ll discuss the best ways to market your skills to your target audience, helping you to find clients, and we’ll also take a look at the most efficient and effective ways to manage enquiries, handle initial meetings, and set up your own health coach practice.

We don’t just provide you with the skill and knowledge you need to obtain your certification; we provide you with the skill and knowledge you need to be successful.

Becoming a health coach can be an excellent way to make money, especially with more and more research being undertaken in this area which is significantly boosting the popularity of the role. In one study, 32% of participants were able to quit smoking with the support of a health coach, compared to just 18% who tried to quit on their own.

Health coaches today are highly sought after, and yet as a relatively recent introduction to the healthcare industry, there are remarkably few qualified coaches out there. This means there’s currently little competition, and great demand, which makes now an excellent time to train as a health coach.

Why Learn with the Blackford Institute?

Launched in 1994, the Blackford Institute has become one of the country’s leading distance learning establishments.

Our Health Coach Diploma is an independently recognised course that allows you to study at your own pace, in your own time. You’ll be supported along the way by a practicing coach, and with ongoing telephone and email communications, you’ll always have someone to turn to.

We also support you in your endeavours even after you’ve achieved your certificate, with client-ready information sheets to hand out, and easy-to-edit forms that you can use within your own practice.

At the Blackford Institute, we’re proud to offer a unique education experience, and a truly one-of-a-kind Health Coach curriculum. Our curriculum stands out because our experienced course directors understand what it’s like to make a chance, and we know it’s not always easy. We’ve been there, and we understand that we can’t force someone to change; the desire to change has to come from them alone.

Our curriculum takes this into account. We focus on the power of a positive support system, encouraging friendly and helpful communications with clients, rather than forceful communications that are exclusively based on making a sale. That’s why our curriculum is support-based, rather than sales-based. We want to highlight the power of long term habit changes, rather than quick fixes and fast sales.

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When you complete the course

Once you complete the course, you’ll receive your Diploma. It’s a formal recognition of your skills and knowledge.

We’ll send information about your success to your local newspapers if you want. It’s a good way of telling potential clients about your availability.

We’ll put your name on our list of Approved Coaches. It could bring you work.

You'll get free logos (like the one below) to put on your website and your letterhead. They give potential clients added confidence in your skills.

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I strongly urge you to register today. Delaying this will only increase the time it takes for you to get started as a health coach.

It's time to get started

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  4. Do the same for the other modules, until you reach the end of the course. By then, you'll be earning money as a Health Coach

We look forward to helping you succeed.

With best wishes

Kit Sadgrove

Kit Sadgrove
Kit Sadgrove
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