Foot Health Care Course

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Our modules are straightforward and down to earth. We identify foot problems and show how how to resolve them.   Some competitors merely take generic anatomy modules from their other courses, followed by an academic review of foot ailments. They don’t really teach you how to resolve clients' ailments.

Unlimited time to complete your course – because sometimes life gets in the way.   Many colleges require you to complete the course in a year.

60-day no-questions-asked refund period. Take your time to decide whether you're happy with the course.   Some colleges only give you 7 days to return your course if you're not happy with it.

Easy to grasp. We provide a carefully graduated learning experience.   Some colleges make their first assignment hard, so many students give up straightaway.

Interesting course material. Our course is fun to do.   Others provide a dry, academic course that is boring to read and time consuming. It’s harder to do a course if the material is dull.

All inclusive package. There are no hidden fees.   Other colleges may charge you extra for tutoring or other costs.

Long established. We've been providing courses for 20 years.   Some have just sprung up, and may disappear just as quickly.