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This could be the fashion design course you've been looking for.

Do you have a passion for fashion?

Are you full of creativity and looking for a way to express yourself?

Do you dream of sharing your designs with others?

If so, read on…

The dynamic world of fashion is all around us… magazines, television, newspapers. Whether it is the latest haute couture from the world’s top fashion shows or this season’s must-have little black dress from the high street, fashion has become an essential part of 21st-century life.

From the most exclusive designer names, to the cheap and cheerful supermarket casuals, there is no walk of life where fashion does not play a part. Its influence is everywhere and clothing has been transformed from an essential we all need, to our way of showing the world who we are. If we pick the right clothes, we can feel younger, more attractive, more extrovert.

QLS Level 4 Diploma

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There are a lot of great things about the world of fashion – the excitement, the creativity, the buzz. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because large multinational companies are the dominant players in the arena, there is no room for smaller designers. In fact it is estimated that 25 per cent of the industry is composed of firms with fewer than 10 employees or individuals working on their own.

And that’s the best thing about the world of fashion and design – the wealth of opportunities it offers – opportunities that are open to everyone, opportunities that you can enjoy too.

How? Well that’s where the Diploma course in Fashion Design comes in. You may have wanted to design your own clothes, but never really known how to start? Perhaps you’ve already tried a few designs out, but they haven’t really worked? Whatever your situation, this is the fasion course for you.

It will take you step by step through everything you need to know, allowing you to learn and develop all the skills and experience you need to bring your own designs to life.

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You could be designing simple but
top-selling outfits.

Fashion trends?

Fashion is a huge industry. Latest figures put it at being worth almost £45bn a year on the high street alone. That’s not counting all the smaller designers and design houses that contribute to this year’s “hot look”, or eclectic ‘must have’.

This healthy state means there’s plenty of room for everyone because nowadays, fashion is all about creating your own style.

Gone are the days when people would buy everything they need from one store. Now they mix and match – designer labels with more down to earth brands, one-offs with chainstore pieces. Everyone is looking for a style to express their own individuality.

And with the help of our Become a Fashion Designer course, you’ll learn how to turn your inspiration and enthusiasm into a way of helping people to do just that!

So what’s in the course?

Our fashion designer course has been specially created to provide you with everything you need to know in order to take those first steps to making your designs a reality… and beyond.

It features a unique combination of 22 modules to equip you with all the knowledge and skills that any budding fashion designer needs.

There are modules on design theory – giving you a great glimpse into the history of fashion, enabling you to understand how clothes and clothing came to be developed and used.

So by understanding the past of fashion, you can help create and take part in its future.

Then there are the technical modules – dealing with the practicalities of design. After all, you have all these great designs in your head but how do you get them off the drawing board and onto a mannequin?

Don’t worry, we will tell you all you need to know. For example you'll:

  • Find out all about the tools of the trade and get great advice on how to choose what is right for you – that way you won’t waste money buying things you do not need.

  • Learn about how to choose materials, how different textiles have specific roles within a garment’s design and how you can choose the best ones for your work.

  • Discover the world of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and see how it can help you.

  • See how to create drawings that really represent your creative ideas so you can show your work in the best possible way.

Finally, we know that you’ll learn best by practice. Let’s face it, anyone can study a subject but it’s only by doing something that you really discover if you have absorbed all that knowledge. So with the help of our training modules, you will be guided step by step through that most vital of fashion designer skills… pattern making.

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The great thing is that as you have the modules always at hand, you can practise this important skill again and again, until you have perfected it.

But that’s not all. Our fashion design course is also packed with a wealth of other material. You’ll find out where to get inspiration for your designs, what kind of skills and interests make a good fashion designer, what kind of job opportunities are open to you and a whole lot more.

Our course gives you everything you need to know to get started. It helps you make the most of all the fantastic opportunities offered in the world of fashion design.

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Take your ideas from design to production

What’s your style?

If you’re reading this, you have taken the very first step to finding out how to achieve your dream. But if fashion is your passion, it’s worth taking some time to think about where your interests really lie.

The fashion industry is so wide, so creative, so inspirational and so full of possibilities, that it’s easy to become lost before you even start.

We don’t want that. With the help of our Becoming a Fashion Designer course, you can set off on your new journey confident that you know where you’re going.

So why not take a few moments to think about what really interests you.

Could it be womenswear? Perhaps you dream of designing beautiful high fashion outfits for individual clients or have an idea for a new range of casualwear to meet the demands of today’s woman.

Or is it menswear? You probably know womenswear is the by far the biggest sector in the fashion industry but don’t underestimate the potential of the men’s market – it’s going from strength to strength. Perhaps this is where you want to focus your talents.

Then there’s childrenswear, which is a vibrant and ever-growing (literally!) market. Perhaps you have some great ideas about the perfect clothes for little ones.

And if that’s not enough to think about, do not forget all the specialist areas such as sportswear, bridal gowns, workwear, knitwear…

As we said above, the world of fashion and clothes design is full of opportunities. All you have to do is decide onwhich area you’re going to concentrate on.

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Why distance learning?

Distance learning is a great way for you to learn the skills you need to become a fashion designer. Here’s why we think it is best for you.

You’re in control

Modern day life is so hectic these days it is often hard to commit yourself to a regular evening course down at the local college.

With distance learning, you don’t have this problem. Your course is there whenever you want it. You plan your learning to suit you.

You may find it easier to study during the day or perhaps the evening?

You tailor the course to suit you

Our Diploma in Fashion Design course is designed so that you can study the modules in the way in which you want.

You may want to tackle the design theory sections first to learn about the history of fashion before you embark on your own creations. Or perhaps you’re more interested in finding out which materials would best suit your own design needs.

Again it’s up to you. You design your journey through the course to suit your needs.

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Get the best on offer

If you’re considering studying fashion design by distance learning, you have probably and researched the courses available in your chosen field.

To help you find the best fashion design course for you, it may help if you ask yourself the following questions.

1) Has the course been designed specifically for students at which it is aimed?

2) Has the course been created by experts with real experience in the world of fashion?

3) Do the modules provide you with a good mixture of theory-based, technical-based and practice-based information, enabling you to equip yourself with all the skills and knowledge you will need?

4) Is the course flexible enough to meet your learning needs?

5) Will you receive all the support you need?

6) What will you get at the end of the course?

By finding out the answers to these questions, you will soon see which is the right course for you.

Sounds good but what about the cost?

We know our course is great and we are confident that it really can make a difference to your life. However, we also know that it is not the cheapest fashion design course around.

But like anything in life, you get what you pay for. We set our fees to ensure as many people as possible can follow their dream and arm themselves with the best possible array of knowledge and skills to help them get where they want to be.

And after all, you are making an investment in your future. How can you put a value on that?

Money Back Guarantee

We give you two guarantees:

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case you decide that the course isn't right for you

1. Examine the course at your leisure for 60 days. And if you for any reason it doesn't meet your needs, just let us know and we'll refund your fees. No questions asked.

2. If, 90 days after completing the course, you haven't recouped the cost of the fees through working as a counsellor, we'll refund your course fees. Conditions apply

Why do we offer this? Simple. We don't want unhappy former students. We'd rather stay friends. And it stands to reason that no course can suit absolutely everyone who registers on it.

Our Guarantee

It's hard to know whether the course will suit you. And you probably have lots of unanswered questions. If you call us on 0800 781 1715 in the UK, or 0123 351 043 (South Africa), we’ll try to answer your queries.

But we also offer a guarantee: if you don’t like the course (for any reason), just email us to cancel at any time within 60 days of receiving your pack, and we’ll refund your course fees.

Why do we give this refund? Because we don’t like to part on bad terms (life’s too short). And we'd prefer you to say nice things about us.

But, you ask, does anyone actually claim a refund? Absolutely! Around five per cent of our students ask for their money back each month. And we're happy to pay them, because we know that the best fashion design course in the world won't suit every single person.

It’s time to get started

Having read this far, you've got what it takes - motivation. Fill out the enrolment form now, because this is where the adventure and rewards begin. It's easy to start:

  1. Register now for the fashion design course by clicking here. If you need help or information, contact the Blackford Centre. E-mail or post the form and payment to us.

  2. We'll ship the course materials to you within two days.

  3. When you get the course, read the first module. It's laid out in an easy-to-follow format. Then do the simple first assignment. Send it to your tutor for marking. She will return it to you with friendly advice and comments.

  4. Do the same for the other modules, until you reach the end of the course. By then, you'll be earning good money as a fashion designer.

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