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Earn great money as a counsellor - and help other people

Counselling courses change lives.

The astonishing news about today's problems...

Divorce, depression and sexual problems
are all increasing.

Diploma in Counselling Distance Learning CourseSadly, that's good news for you as a would-be counsellor. It means the demand for counsellors can only grow.

Life is more complex than it used to be. Which means there's an increasing demand for counsellors. Let's take just four examples:

1. Many people no longer have a network of family members or a community. So they have no one whom they can turn to for help. A counsellor can provide the advice and support that others can't bring.

2. Women are no longer willing to tolerate abuse or bad behaviour from their partners. They often require their partners to seek advice. 66% of mid-life divorces are initiated by women. Counsellors can help bring partners together.

3. Old people are separated from the family, and have no one to turn to. After a busy life, they can become lonely and troubled. Counsellors can provide real solutions.

4. Because their parents work, children often lack the detailed care and support given by parents. Some turn to drugs. Other children have problems at school, and stop going. Again a counsellor can help.

And that means more people are seeking the support of a counsellor. So there's a bigger opportunity for you to become a counsellor.

You can be the person who, day by day, helps the world become a slightly better place.

We created the course to help people like you become a counsellor. Other counselling courses were either too academic, too brief, or lacking in interactivity to do the job. Which is why we had to prepare our own.

And for the past eight years we've been improving it, revealing to students the methods used by counsellors, and showing them how they can apply these techniques in their own lives.

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Why do the counselling course? Because it's convenient, value for money, and highly interactive!

You don't have to attend classes, or be anywhere at a fixed time. You study at times to suit yourself. A lot of people study our counselling course between 10pm and 1am – that's the result of a busy life and their commitment to their career.

These days, people like you lead lives that are simply too hectic and unpredictable to be tied down to attending class on a particular day, or to log into a website at a particular hour.

That's why distance learning is so convenient. You choose when you want to study. It might be after all the kids have gone to bed. And you decide where to learn – perhaps on the train to work, or under the shade of a tree in your garden.

Study online

When you study with us you'll access all the course materials online.

Once, you've enrolled we'll provide you with login details and the name of your tutor. And as soon as you have these details you can log straight into the system and get started on the course.

It's great value for money

The Diploma in Counselling course offers great value for money. We don't have to pay for classrooms all year round, and our lecturers work from home, so this it means we keep the cost down. As a result, you get a course that is of high quality but modest in cost. You save money, without sacrificing any excellence in learning.

Why be a counsellor?

Here are some of the ways counsellors help:

Life as a counsellor is very satisfying. You get to resolve people's problems, and you get paid for it. Here are some of the situations that counsellors get involved in.

  • Save marriages by helping both sides to understand the other
  • Help parents of adolescents to understand their child better, perhaps dissuading the child from leaving home or taking to drugs or the street.
  • Give lonely older people the gift of friendship
  • Help suicidal people feel that there is a purpose in life
  • Let people who were abused as a child explore their feelings towards their abuser, and perhaps attain peace of mind or closure.
  • Give angry people tools that let them control their anger, thus making life better for those around them
  • Allow the bereaved a forum in which they can express their hurt, safely explore their feelings, and ultimately come to terms with their pain.
  • Help people who regularly get into bad relationships to understand their patterns of behaviour, and give them new ways of handling other people.
  • Give people techniques to understand destructive patterns of behaviour (like alcohol or drug abuse) and stop it.

Register today. Delaying only increases the length of time you have to wait - time you could be putting towards your new career as a counsellor.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

With best wishes

Kit Sadgrove

Kit Sadgrove
Kit Sadgrove
Course Director

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