Life Coach Course

Welcome to our Tutors

Our tutors are a talented and friendly bunch of people who enjoy helping our learners develop their skills.

Quinton Mundell

Quinton is a practising Life Coach who lives in Pretoria.

Quinton believes that Life coaching is extremely satisfying work, as you get to witness a transformation in your client. Life Coaching focuses on identifying and understanding the client’s issues and concerns. Quinton believes the best thing about being a Life Coach is being able to assist your clients to move forward in a positive direction, helping them gain a clearer vision and perception.

When Quinton isn’t running his busy practice, he enjoys playing sports, exploring nature by trail running in forests and he is also a big animal lover.

Please note: we’re unable to allocate you a specific tutor, because it depends on the availability of tutors on the date you register on the course.