Life Coach Course

Diploma in Life Coaching Course FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to complete the course?

  • The course can take five months to complete. But you can do it as quickly or slowly as you want. That's the great advantage of distance learning.

Do I need to finish the course within a certain time?

  • You can take as long as you want. Unlike other organisations, we don't set any time limits.

What does the course cost?

Does the cost for the course include everything I need? Or are there any extra fees?

  • There are no other costs or fees.

Can I spread the cost over a period of time?

  • Yes, you can make four monthly payments. This costs about 20% more. To find out the cost, please click here.

Can I get my money back if I don't like the course?

  • Just send us an email within 60 days of enrolling asking to cancel, and we'll refund your course fees. Also, if after seeking work at the end of the course, you don't earn at least the cost of the course inside three months, we'll also refund your fees.

Can I start the course at any time?

  • Yes. You can start today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Whenever you want.

Method of study

  • Do you send anything to me in the mail?

    No, this is an online course.
  • How do I access the course online?

    Once you've enrolled we'll provide you with login details and the name of your tutor. And as soon as you have these details you can log straight into the system and get started on the course.

Does the cost for the course include everything I need? Or are there any extra fees?

  • There are no other costs or fees.

Can I start the course at any time?

  • Yes. You can start today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Whenever you want.

Is the course all from home, or do I have to go to a school and sit tests?

  • It's all done from home.

Will the course give me credits towards a degree or some other study?

  • No. But it will help you set up and run your own business. And we encourage all students to continue their studies after completing the course.

Are the tutors practicing coaches?

  • Yes, all tutors are practicing coaches. Some other organizations use college lecturers, which means you don't get the information from the 'coal face'.

Will the qualification help me get a job?

  • To get a job in a public or private organization, you'll need more qualifications than we can offer. Our course is designed to help you work with your own private clients.
  • The easiest way to earn a living is to work for yourself. It's also the most lucrative. So in the course we focus on how you can work from home as a coach.

Will you show me how to find work?

  • Yes, the course includes practical guidance on finding clients for your own private practice. You can also get additional help from your tutor or a course advisor.

Is there a final exam?

  • No, there is no final exam. The course is based on continuous assessment, through the assignments you send to your tutor.
  • And continuous assessment lets you check all the time that you're on course to succeed.
  • So you should look at the assignment as an exciting challenge. No, it's true! You'll enjoy them. We promise you!

What happens if I fail an assignment?

  • You do the work again! 80% of students complete the course without ever failing an assignment. But you might misunderstand the question, or produce an insufficiently detailed answer. So the tutor will explain the problem and ask you to send in the assignment again. When you do this, your work will be much better.

Can I submit hand-written assignments?

  • Yes. That's no problem.

Can I submit assignments by E-mail?

  • Yes. That's no problem.

Can I join the course without prior experience?

  • Yes. That's no problem. We make no assumptions about people's prior knowledge. But you ought to have a deep interest in the subject.

Can I tackle the topics in any order I choose?

  • Yes, you can. So, if you want to tackle a particular topic, you can go straight to that module. This is useful if you have a job or a client that requires you to know about a particular subject.

I haven't studied for years. The thought of returning to study makes me nervous.

  • Don't worry. We understand. But this course is nothing like your memories of being stuck inside a stuffy classroom on a summer's day with an old-fashioned teacher droning on.
  • For a start, this is a subject that interests you (or you wouldn't have got this far).
  • And getting this deep into the website shows that you can absorb information and concentrate for long periods of time.
  • Also, you'll see that we write clearly and simply. And that's how we've written the course materials. It's true that some organizations write long and boring pages that make your eyes glaze over. We promise you that our course is nothing like that. You'll find this course is informative and enjoyable. In fact, many students are almost upset at finishing the course.

Can a newcomer break into coaching and earn money?

  • Yes. We show you how.

Are there any restrictions to prevent me from setting up as a coach?

  • No state or federal laws stop you setting up and running your own practice.To keep you straight, we also provide detailed advice on forming a company, keeping records, and paying tax.